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               Rashad Cherry is an honored veteran of the United States Air Force who was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina.  He is currently one of Vero Mastodon’s brand managers.  In the absence of the brand owners he is relied upon to have the leadership skills and company knowledge to continue standard operations. 

               Brand managers are required to have a number of different skills.  Rashad was selected as a brand manager because of his strong values, loyalty, respect, and love of family and friends.  These values contribute to him seeking and obtaining a holistic understanding of the corporation’s executive, operational, and marketing requirements.  In addition to the work, Rashad continues to maintain the ability to coach and encourage his team and maintain a high morale.

               While Rashad has not always dedicated himself to physical fitness, he has been active in various sports throughout his entire life.  After joining the Air Force he began to cultivate a love for both fitness and nutrition.  Being in the military has aided him in the opportunity to surround himself with other individuals focused on self-progression.  He believes it is important for others to know that he is “an everyday guy who is willing to work hard for everything that is considered possible.”

“Sometimes we must experience failure before we can truly embrace success.”

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