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Dominique Jeray Collier is an American fitness athlete born and raised in the city of Detroit, Michigan. He is the current Chief Executive Officer and principal owner of Vero Mastodon. As the CEO, Dominique is charged with overseeing the operations of Vero Mastodon and directing the agendas of the brand’s other executive officers. He must develop a vision for the brand going forward and build a cohesive team that can execute that vision effectively.


His priority is to build a brand that consumers trust and keeps people engaged in the fit life. Under Dominique’s leadership, Vero Mastodon will make every effort to be a good corporate citizen by upholding the best interests of the employees, consumers and the community. Dominique is the originator of the brand and was the very first person to don the Vero. His zeal for living the fit life inspired others to adopt the lifestyle, or match his zeal if not surpass it. It is using that same model, that Vero Mastodon’s ability to inspire new lifetime fitness zealots persists.


Dominique resides in Maryland and enjoys training as a men’s physique competitor. He spends his time trying to advance the mission of Vero Mastodon and building relationships with other business owners in the DMV and New Jersey area. He is close friends with the brand’s co-owners, Chico Bradley and Anthony Wells. Dominique is 1 of 3 siblings that have military service records and was raised the oldest of 5 children.  All that he does is for family: some blood, some not.


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