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California grown, Anthony Wells is an American fitness athlete and entrepreneur. He is the current Chief Marketing Officer and co-owner of Vero Mastodon. Simply known to his close friends and associates as “AJ,” he has made his name widely recognized across the fitness industry through intense networking. He has built a large and motivated following that inspires him to continue his work in fitness and in business. 

As Vero Mastodon’s CMO, AJ has major influence and a broad range of responsibilities to sew together. He is a leader in product development, advertising, social media engagement, surveying public opinion, pricing, brand promotions, sales management and market research, among others.  The CMO reports to and works closely with the Chief Executive to manage the brand’s identity and to execute the brand’s vision. 

AJ lives in the Garden State of New Jersey and is a proud father of one. He lives the fitness lifestyle day to day and trains intensely. He loves to show off his cooking skills and spend quality time with his friends and family. No one is more eager to see the brand succeed and few have worked as hard as AJ to ensure the success and growth of Vero Mastodon. If you see him in the gym, he will likely have a Vero entourage with him. AJ is also a second generation Airman in the U.S. Air Force.

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