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Chico Bradley is an American entrepreneur and is the current Chief Operating Officer of Vero Mastodon. Chico has the rights of the Chief Executive when the CEO is not present to perform his duties. As the COO, Chico is responsible for overseeing all operations of Vero Mastodon and being the eyes and ears of the CEO.


Chico reports directly to the brand’s CEO, Dominique Collier, and makes sure that operations run according to the guidelines set forth by the Chief Executive. More than anyone else, Chico understands the vision of Vero Mastodon and has been entrusted by the owning members with leading the brand’s organization from day to day. More often than not, business proposals are run by Chico’s desk before they get to Dominique’s desk. The contributions Chico has made to Vero Mastodon are some of the most defining actions in the history of the brand.


Chico lives in New Jersey, and is a tenured Civil Service employee at JB McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. Chico has not always been a lifelong lover of fitness, but within the past few years has developed a deep rooted commitment for living a healthier lifestyle. Chico is a talented musician and enjoys spending time with friends, in and out of the gym. Taking great care of the brand and all of those who support it is his highest priority.

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