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Martin (Mar) Dorliae

hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Taking pride in his Liberian descendance, He is the first in his immediate family to be born in the United States.  Most of his early childhood was spent in Philadelphia.  As he transitioned into his high school years he maintained dual residency in New Jersey and Philadelphia.


Mar enlisted into the United States Navy at the age of 25 and became an Aviation Structural Mechanic. Having such a high regard and appreciation for the unique qualities that different cultures bring, Mar expresses that the United States Navy has taken him to many places that he has never been. Mar says, "During my time in I’ve been snorkeling in the clear Mediterranean waters off the coast of Sicily, partied wild nights in Malta, walked through sand storms in Bahrain, drank Gennus with the irishman of southern and Northern Ireland, eaten loompia in the Philippines, visited the temples of Japan, had breakfast in Greece and dinner in Scotland. In all of these places I have proudly worn the “M” of VEROMASTODON on my back."   Mar hopes to be given the opportunity to experience many more countries.


He began working out for the first time after his senior year in High school.  Lacking the proper education on weight lifting, he started doing what seemed natural, CHEST AND ARMS EVERYDAY! He recalls and instance where weight training changed his environment: "I remember one day my boys and I went to see some of the girls we went to school with that summer. That was their first time seeing me since I had put on a little muscle, and they were making a big deal about it. I got so embarrassed and nervous that I ran back to the car and wouldn't get out, HAHA!"


His career in professional Bodybuilding didn't begin until about the age of 24.  He developed a heart for the sport of bodybuilding after taking a job as a Correctional Officer.  Upon entering the Corrections Facility on his first day, He immediately took notice at the massive size of many of the inmates and realized that if he didn't increase his size and strength, the job may become extremely challenging.  Mar recalls, "Once I started picking up those weights and seeing myself getting stronger, there was nothing anyone could tell me that would turn me away from that iron!  It was my therapy, my happiness and my best friend. Every time I stepped under a squat rack or gripped a barbell loaded with weights for dead lifts, everything around me became extinct.  I only felt two things: that cold iron pressed against my palms and my heart beating out of my chest!  Once my body started to form around it, weight lifting just became my thing!"


Mar won his Pro-Card in Burlington, NJ ‘s 2016 OCB/ WNBF Natural Bodybuilding competition.  He has trained with Bodybuilders all over the world, from whom he has learned many tips and tricks, and taught many tips and tricks to.

Mar strongly dislikes seeing people with amazing bodies and horrible arrogant and/or rude personalities.  He misses the days during the Golden Era of Bodybuilding when bodybuilders were extremely competitive, but yet, highly respected each other's craft.  One day he hopes to see that come back into play as he progresses in the fitness world.


His top all time motivator and inspiration is World renowned bodybuilder, Ulisses Williams Jr.  However, he is as equally motivated by everyone that he sees in the gym on a daily basis, working on self-improvement and trying to reach their goals.






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