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Vero Mastodon is a transcendent, fitness lifestyle brand that has been made popular by the exalted men and women of the United States’ Military. We call ourselves an umbrella brand, because we welcome fitness enthusiasts of all backgrounds and walks of life to don the Vero. “Vero” means “truth,” or “true.” This is the expectation that we have of everyone that wears that ever proud VERO “M” on their backs: be true. Stay true. It does not matter if you are into swimming, marathons, dancing, fighting, bodybuilding, free running, yoga, cycling, or parkour. We are all hopeless lovers of fitness.


This brand is produced by a small group of people and we think of ourselves as a family. We train together, encourage each other and have the expectation of one another to strive to be better in every aspect of life. We want to bring you quality fitness wear products in an expedient manner. Our production scale is small and our company is in its infancy, but with time, our brand and craftsmanship will mature and be world renown.


Our Vero Mastodon family is large and growing. We are protective about the image and message of this brand, because that is what has brought us all together. When you see the Mastodon Shield, or the Vero “M” on someone’s chest or back, we hope that you can trust that a person of immense drive stands before you. We hope that you can testify, that no one who wears Vero Mastodon has an idle fitness goal.


When you go out into the world in Vero Mastodon, you carry the reputation of those who wore it before you. We stand as a band of fitness fans that knows the rigors of training in the late night and early morning. We have dealt with the meal prepping. We love our fasted cardio. We have left Tupper Ware, water bottles and protein shakers everywhere we have gone. We know how it feels to be defeated by the goal, day after day. “What about peace?”—that is the trademark of our brand.


For all of those that have poured all they have had into their fitness goals, we ask, “what about peace?” We do not ask this to discourage anyone, but simply to remind onlookers that sometimes, sacrifices have to be made when you are serious about your fitness goals. To be fit, is to be ready for the challenge ahead. As you endure this state of self-war, that is fitness, work hard—work so hard, that they will ask you, “WHAT ABOUT PEACE?”


Thus, we dedicate this brand to all fitness beasts; symbolized by the great mastodon. Wear it proudly and spend every day in the VERO, Full Regalia—a proper noun indeed.

***DISCLAIMER: Vero Mastodon in not affiliated with any branch of the United States military, or the Department of Defense***

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